Life in the World as Christian Citizens – Romans 13:1-7 – March 21, 2021

As citizens of the kingdom of God, we have spiritual reasons for submitting to the governing laws on earth. In this passage from Romans, we are reminded that all governing authority is from God, and that we are called to submit to God by obeying the laws of the land. We do this because we have an understanding of human nature, we know what is good for societies, we want to keep a good conscience before God and people, and we desire to give a clear witness of the gospel of Christ to the world.

Grace Community church exists to build spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world. One of the ways that we pursue this mission is by gathering each Sunday for corporate worship, prayer, and biblical teaching. The corporate nature of this gathering is both edifying to the believer and a witness of God’s grace to the world. Sermon speaker is Scott Patty unless otherwise noted.

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