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Regathering Plans and Survey

Dear Congregation,

We are grateful to God for his sustaining grace during this season of church life which has included an altered schedule and a change in how we do ministry.

We are also grateful to the members of Grace Community Church for their love, prayers, and support of each other. Grace never closed and the work of ministry is ongoing.

Another change is upon us. We are now planning to resume in-person gatherings at Grace. Please watch this video and read the explanation of the plan for in-person gatherings. As you do, continue to pray for the glory of God to be revealed through our congregation, for mutual discipleship to take place among us, and for the gospel to win the hearts of people in our city.

We love you and are here to serve you,
The Elders of Grace Community Church

On May 25th, Grace Community Church will begin Stage 1 of our in-person gathering plan.

In Stage 1, Grace small groups may resume meeting in person. In Stage 2, we will resume in-person worship gatherings at the church building. You can help us plan by completing the survey at the end of this email.

The plan to return to in-person gatherings at Grace Community Church is based on our best judgement and reasonable decision-making for our context, while considering current guidance from government and health officials on the state and local levels.

This plan will continue to be developed stage by stage until we gather with an unlimited number and without restrictions. Each stage will be evaluated regularly and modified as needed.

As we return to in-person gatherings, no member of Grace should feel pressured or expected to gather in person if they are uncomfortable doing so. All members of Grace who are in an “at risk” health category are encouraged to refrain from attending gatherings during this season. Worship gatherings will be made available through livestream for those who are not present.


When Stage 1 begins on May 25, small groups may meet in person (Community Groups, adult small groups, youth discipleship groups). Groups are not expected to meet but have the option to meet.

Groups will be expected to follow the health guidelines laid out below.

Groups will be limited in number based on the ability of the location to allow for proper physical distancing, and are not to exceed 25 people.


  • Social distancing should be maintained by everyone, including no physical touching. Sit outside if possible. Face coverings are encouraged when close proximity is anticipated.
  • Those feeling sick or experiencing any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms or who have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19 should not attend. We request that each attendee take their temperature at home (and their family members) before attending a group and stay home if their temperature is 100.4 degrees or above
  • We request that no food or drink be served at these gatherings or shared among members.
  • These group gatherings are for youth and adults. There will be no childcare provided at any group gathering. During this stage, all youth must have parental permission to attend a small group, and there will be no gatherings for children below middle-school age.
  • If you participate in a Grace group or event and you or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, please immediately notify the church staff.


In-person worship gatherings will resume in the Chapel (and possibly in overflow simulcast rooms) during Stage 2. The tentative start date is June 14th. This date may change in light of new developments or information related to COVID-19.

Services will be made available through livestream for those who are not present due to health concerns. Additional information will be provided about the number, times, and sizes of these gatherings.

When we resume in-person worship gatherings, social distancing and health guidelines will be in effect.

There will be no childcare for these gatherings.

You can help us plan these gatherings by completing this brief survey (one needed per household).

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