The Women’s Ministry at Grace Community Church exists to help fulfill the mission statement of Grace Community Church: “To build spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world.” Our primary aim is to cultivate a culture of disciple-making, and to challenge and equip each other to ‘do ministry’ wherever God has us today. Gather with us around targeted discipleship topics that will inform and encourage your faith and outreach. Use your gifts to serve and strengthen the church family, or volunteer in one of our local strategic partnerships. We hope you will join us as we each work to connect, disciple and care for one another.


Save the date for Friday evening, November 12! More details to come.


Fall Women’s Discipleship Study

Seek First the Kingdom: God’s Invitation to Life and Joy in the book of Matthew by Christine Hoover
As Christians, we live busy, harried lives, usually because we’re eager to serve God in His work in the world. But we must constantly return to the words of Jesus to find our focus and purpose. For the truths He spoke, when believed and applied, lead to our flourishing. Using parables and stories, Jesus spoke of the kingdom often, but many Christians don’t have a working knowledge of the kingdom and their true citizenship in a way that affects their daily lives and decisions.


  • Wednesdays 9:30-11:00am
  • September 15-November 17
  • Facilitator: Jess Dixon
  • Childcare will be available by reservation.

Time for coffee and connecting, small group discussion and prayer, and large group sharing. We’ll also have the option to picnic afterward (as weather allows).

Biblical Theology Workshop with Nancy Guthrie 

Grace will be hosting the first Nashville event for up to 600 women from all over Tennessee and beyond. This event is designed for ALL women with any level of Bible knowledge. We will enjoy over three energetic and interactive sessions, discovering how tracing the Bible’s major themes helps us grasp its important message.

If you haven’t already, register now on the Eventbrite link—it’s already 50% full!


Preschool Moms Play and Pray

Mamas with infants and preschoolers, come join us at the new Grace playground on Monday mornings this fall, beginning August 16th from 9:00-11:00. This will be an informal opportunity to meet new friends and encourage and pray for each other while our children enjoy playing together. Weather permitting. A restroom will be available. Email Bethany Wright for more information.

Women’s Prayer and Care

If you are in need of prayer or spiritual encouragement, a number of Grace women are available to meet with you. Please email your prayer or care request to Elaine Atchison, Director of Congregational Care.