Adult discipleship studies are a great place to study the Bible, grow in your faith, and get connected with those at Grace. Our hope is that these studies will also equip you to help others grow as disciples of Jesus. Discipleship studies are offered throughout the week for all ages and stages of life.

Sunday Discipleship Studies

Winter Session
November 11-February 10

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Gospel Project: Exile and Return
Teachers: Chris Turner, Steve McKisic & Jim LaBerge
Room: 254
The Gospel Project is a three year chronological Bible study, looking at God’s plan to rescue His people from sin and death. This semester’s studies are in Daniel, Ezra, Esther, Nehemiah, and Malachi.

Connections: Gospel Thriving
Teachers: John Kramp
Room: 253
This class is for anyone interested in enriching their life through a practical, application-focused study of the Book of Acts. The Gospel continues to thrive in Nashville and around the world. This class will provide insights into how our Christian lives can thrive, also. We will periodically have interactive sessions on missions, community service, and compassion ministry, as well as reports from Grace members returning from short-term mission trips.

The Everyday: Leveraging Our Ordinary Lives for the Sake of the Gospel
Teachers: Justin Tucker, Taylor Combs, and Michael Kelley
Room: 250
It sometimes feels like Christians are losing ground. We share fewer common assumptions about life and faith with our neighbors and friends. On top of that, we live in an increasingly distracted and disconnected age. Can Christians offer anything useful to our unbelieving neighbors and friends in a world like this? We will explore the Bible to see how our everyday, ordinary lives can be used for God’s glory wherever we find ourselves.


The Gospel and the Church
Teachers: Matthew Ladisa
Room: 254
The church at Thessalonica was established under much opposition to Paul and the gospel. Paul was forced to leave this new community of New believers prematurely. However, he sent Timothy to encourage them and to report back on their progress in the faith. The letters of I and II Thessalonians are letters of thanksgiving, encouragement, and instruction for churches today that wish to live in community in light of the gospel and the return of Christ.