What are Discipleship Groups?
Mens and Women’s Discipleship groups meet to discuss the Bible, pray, and encourage one another as we seek to be his followers in our world. Each group may study something different but the Bible and prayer is the focus. These groups tend to be smaller than community groups, with around 6-8 people in each group.

Registration is required to participate in a Discipleship Group. Contact Justin Tucker if you have any questions.

How will groups be different during COVID-19?

    1. All groups will be suspending childcare until the staff and elders feel like it is safe to do so.
    2. All groups will not share food or drink during this season
    3. All groups will practice social distancing by gathering in large rooms, or meeting outside.
    4. All groups are recommended to wear masks, and highly encouraged if socially distancing is difficult.
    5. Leaders of groups can decide to require masks if there is a need or people of high risk.
    6. If there is a spread of COVID-19 groups may be asked to move to virtual meetings


Bill Bryan – 1 John 
Thursdays, 6:30am

Justin Tucker
Monday, 6:30am

Joel Anderson – Reading Through the Bible
Tuesdays, 6:30am

Nic Teasley – Redeeming the Time
Monthly Meeting


Janine Mann
Thursday, 6:30pm

Kelli Elliot
Thursday, 6:30pm

Marcia Bouchillon
Thursdays, 7:00pm
Weekly (Virtual)

Peggy Reilly
Weekly (Virtual)