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March 13 Update

Dear Congregation,

Due to concerns of flu, coronavirus, and related health issues, Grace Community Church will cancel worship services and all other ministry programs for Sunday, March 15.

Over the weekend, we will send emails with a devotional video for use on Sunday morning, ways to stay connected and to care for one another, and other helpful announcements and information.

Why have we made this decision?  

1. This decision was not made out of fear or panic. We trust God with our health and safety. We also use wisdom and are willing to listen to others in decision-making.

2. We are listening to others. God has given us knowledgeable, skilled, and wise medical professionals at the national, state, and local levels. These medical professionals are tasked with keeping the public safe and healthy. Their recommendations to forego large gatherings are based on historical data for slowing diseases and concerns related to overburdening the healthcare system, making it difficult to respond to all manner of illnesses.

3. We have practical concerns for our congregation. We do not want volunteers feeling pressured to serve if we choose to meet. We do not want at-risk people attending services and programs when virus related illnesses are at a high level. Gathering together always requires a level of planning and preparedness that becomes more challenging when attendance is likely to be much lower than usual.

What will this cancellation practice look like beyond this Sunday? 

1. While we do not know how long this cancellation practice will be in place, we will take steps to modify both our schedules and behaviors when we do come together until we can return to normalcy.

2. Just this morning, we are reading about how to gather in new ways; smaller groups and with different practices related to human contact. As these modifications become more clear and when they can be implemented, we may be able to meet together even during this virus season.

3. We will monitor this situation daily, make decisions about gathering, and communicate them to you.

What can you do this weekend to stay connected to Grace? 

1. Pray. God is in control and will use this situation for his glory. Pray toward that end.

2. Reach out to each other. Since we won’t gather on Sunday, we need to remember to contact each other for prayer and encouragement.

3. Watch for emails from Grace with a video devotional, encouragement, and announcements.

Let’s all pray for the health and safety of our community and congregation.


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