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Life at Grace

Dear Congregation,

After a year of praying, deciding, planning, and giving, we are now ready to begin construction on the new building. Thank you all for your participation in the Phase 3 building project.

Beginning this Sunday, you will notice several changes on the property. Most significantly, the front doors to the Gathering Hall/Chapel area will be closed. This closure will last during the entire construction season. This will mean the way many people enter the building and the traffic flow inside will change. Click here to see a campus map.

The church staff has been preparing for these changes and testing new ways to accommodate all who attend Grace. We are ready to go. Here’s how you can help.

1. Be aware that visitor parking is located on the Granny White side of the property and accessible parking is located on the Old Hickory side of the property, near the covered entrance. Please allow visitors and those needing accessible parking to use these lots.

2. Everyone will enter the building through the Discipleship Building, the Great Commission Room entrance, or the Gathering Hall entrance at the covered driveway. Greeters will be in the parking lot and at these entrances to help you find your way.

3. The Gathering Hall and the hallways in the Children’s Area will be more congested. We encourage you to linger and fellowship outside rather than inside. This will greatly help the inside traffic flow.

4. Parents, we encourage you to pick up your children as soon as possible to allow the teachers time to get their children after each hour.

5. Parents, you may check in your children at two new locations in addition to the current check-in station in the Discipleship Building. A check-in station will be located in the Gathering Hall and the welcome team will be in the parking lot to assist you before entering the building.

6. Parents, please help keep children away from the construction fencing and equipment.

7. Let’s be patient during the construction season. Let’s be helpful to one another and prayerful about the inconveniences these changes may bring.

We are so grateful to be at this stage of the building project. We anticipate an orderly and peaceful construction season.

Most of all, we look forward to worshiping God together each Sunday with a slightly modified entrance and exit plan.

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