Rob Dixon

Spouse: Jess Dixon
Children: Sydney (9), Henry (7), Jake (5)
Profession: Owner of SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville
Member at Grace Since: 2007
Ministries Involved in at Grace: Children’s Ministry (Teaches 3-year-old Sunday school); Community Group Host Home; Ministry to Businesspeople in Belarus; Volunteer with Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home

Tim Franklin

Spouse: Jo Franklin
Children: Graham (13), Wesley (11), Lidiyanna (8)
Profession: Product Planning Director for Infiniti North America, Nissan North America
Member at Grace Since: 2001
Ministries Involved in at Grace: Offering Team, Communion Team, Missions

Jason Garner

Spouse: Heidi Garner
Children: Jackson (19), Max (17), Lindsey Grace (15), Hannah (13), Hope (11)
Profession: Music Producer, Composer, and Adjunct Teacher at Belmont University
Member at Grace Since: 1999
Ministries Involved in at Grace: Children’s Ministry (Teaches Kindergarten Sunday School) and Worship Team

Chase Kemp

Spouse: Katie Kemp
Children: Job (7), Penny-Ruth (4), Zeke (2), Darcy (2 Months)
Profession: Hoodz of Nashville- President
Member at Grace Since: 2011
Ministries Involved in at Grace: Youth Ministry (High School Guys’ Group Leader)

Clarence Risin

Spouse: Antoinette Risin
Children: Brittany Hester (25); Serena (16); Maya (16); Jamorie (11); Germany (10); Jeremiah (10)
Profession: Attorney with Baker Donelson Law Firm, Commercial Litigation.
Member at Grace Since: 2015
Ministries Involved in at Grace: Community Group Leader, Offering Team, Prayer Team