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Do You Have The Time? – Words of Grace – April 11, 2021

There was a day (before the cell phone) when strangers would stop you and ask if you “have the time?” They were asking if you knew the time of day, and if you would tell them. Wired the way I am, I could never figure out how someone could live without a watch. 

Knowing the time of day seems as basic as knowing who and where we are. Knowing the time is how we know what to do next.

This Sunday at Grace we will take up and consider Romans 13:11-14. This passage is calling us to know the time in which we live. Paul’s concern is not that we know the hour of the day, as in 1:00 or 2:00, but that we know the age in which we live. Time in this passage is about where we are in history. 

In the historical sense, related to God’s saving acts and how his people are to live, it is the dawn of a new day. The noonday sun of Christ’s return is soon to appear. The word “soon” makes us think of the next month or year. But in God’s time, “soon” means next. Christ came, and accomplished his saving work on the cross and in the resurrection. So, the dawn of day is here. The next event on God’s saving agenda is Christ’s return. Then it will be high noon.

It’s like we are living somewhere between 6am and noon. So, how do we live in this time?

We wake up to the reality that we are the people of Christ called to live this day for his glory. We put off the clothes of night, darkness, sin and self-indulgence. We put on the clothes of new life in Christ. Dressed in Christ, we battle against sin, walk in righteousness, and live ready for his return.

Christian, cast your eyes to the Day ahead. See in your mind’s eye Christ in all his glory making all things new, and then order your life today in such a way that you can greet him in readiness and with joy.

Friend, ask yourself if you would be ready for Christ’s return. Could you greet him, stand before him, and enjoy his presence? The only way to be sure is to repent of your sin and turn to him for mercy. He will forgive you and make you a child of the light. He will give you a new set of clothes, suitable for the day. 

We know the time. It is the hour to put on Christ and walk in the light as we wait the day of his return.

I am praying for you this weekend. Let’s all pray for our congregation as we prepare to gather for worship on Sunday.


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