Grace Community Church is committed to building spiritually healthy people for life and ministry in the world. We are a disciple-making church with God-centered worship and biblical teaching, mutual encouragement toward spiritual growth, and engagement with the world through evangelism, missions, and service.

The primary message of Grace is that a person becomes and lives rightly related to God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to embrace this message and present it to Nashville and the world through proclamation and the practice of good deeds.

The ministries of Grace revolve around four key expressions of our faith in Christ. We gather together as the church to worship Christ. We grow in our relationship with Christ and with one another. We give to the growth, health, and ministry of the church. We go into our world with the good news of Christ in our hearts and displayed through our words and actions.

  • Ministry Statement - Our Chief End The chief end of Grace Community Church is to glorify God. Ephesians 3:21 tells us that God is to be glorified in the church and in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ brought glory to God by accomplishing the work God called him to do (John 17:4). The church brings glory to God by […]
  • Membership - The first century church in Jerusalem gives us an example of what we presently call church membership. While it is to be understood that the make-up of the church was vastly different than in our day (the first church did not consist of denominations nor was membership as formalized as in our day), this early […]
  • Doctrine - Grace Community Church Statement of Faith: The Bible The Bible was written by God through men inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is God’s revelation of himself to us. It is truth without error. It reveals the way of salvation and is the full and final authority on all matters of truth and discipleship. […]
  • History - In 1992 God called a handful of people to begin a new church in Nashville. After several months of prayer, Bible study, and vision casting meetings, our first Sunday worship service was held in January 1993. Grace Community Church was born. Over the years we have called many places home. We have met at Belmont […]
  • Corporate Worship - The weekly corporate gathering of the church is a priority at Grace. God’s word is read, preached and heeded. Songs of praise and thanksgiving are directed to God in worship. Corporate prayers are offered to him. The corporate nature of this gathering is both edifying to the believer and a witness of God’s grace to […]
  • Staff - Grace Community Church is a congregation served by a plurality of elders and a church staff. The church staff serves Grace by overseeing the ministries of the church.
  • Denomination - Grace Community Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Grace cooperates with other Southern Baptist churches on the local level (Nashville Baptist Association), the state level (Tennessee Baptist Convention), and the national level (Southern Baptist Convention). Grace partners with Southern Baptist churches for the purpose of local and global missions and education through colleges […]
  • Elders - Grace Community Church is a congregation served by a plurality of elders and a church staff.  The elders serve Grace by providing vision, structure and spiritual leadership for the church.
  • Contact Us - ADDRESS: 5711 Granny White Pike Brentwood, TN 37027 PHONE: 615-377-8997 EMAIL: