Other Resources

Other Resources

Simeon Trust Foundations

We offer a free online resource for people wanting further training to teach through an organization called Simeon Trust. If you would like to go through this study on your, own we will pay your way. Contact Justin Tucker if you would like to go through this training.

Suggested Reading

Bible Speaks Today Commentaries
By: Various Authors; Edited by John Stott

God is still speaking, and his message is relevant to our daily lives! This 22-volume series provides pastors, students, and laypeople with readable yet accurate exposition of the entire New Testament.

Teaching to Change Lives Book
by: Howard Hendricks

This book reveals how all teachers can make the most of their priceless opportunity to inspire, instruct, and permanently impact lives for the kingdom of God. Based on seven proven, easy-to-grasp laws that any teacher can apply, Howard Hendricks’ classic teaching manual is a must-read for anyone who wants to teach with power and passion, excitement, and excellence.

Interviews (Coming soon)

These interviews will cover teaching topics from those who’ve taught before at Grace or in other settings.



Sunday Morning Studies

Spring 2018
February 18 – May 13
Summer 2018
May 20 – July 29
Fall 2018
August 5 – October 28

Women’s Studies

Spring 2018
Weekly Morning Study – Exploring the Heart of God’s Kingdom: 1 Samuel
February 7-April 18

Monthly Evening Study – Nehemiah: Rebuilt & Rebuilding
February 8, March 8, April 5, May 3