The following albums were produced by Grace and recorded by members of the worship team and the congregation. CD prices are as follows:

  • Lavished Grace – $1
  • Waves of Grace – $1
  • Songs of the Redeemed – $5

To order physical copies of any of the albums listed below, please email the church office.

Songs Redeemed Cover

Songs of the Redeemed

Grace released this album of congregational favorites on January 20, 2013 to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a congregation in Nashville. Recorded live in the chapel over two days in October 2012, it gives the listener a good idea of what it is like to worship corporately at Grace.

Available on iTunes

Waves of Grace

Released in January of 2008 to commemorate our 15-year anniversary as a church, “Waves of Grace” is Grace Community Church’s second full album. It was produced by Ben Shive and recorded by the worship team and the congregation at Grace. With readings from Romans 8 throughout, it focuses on many of the songs that were important in the church during our study through the book of Romans.

Available on iTunes

Lavished Grace

“Lavished Grace” was released in January of 2003 as Grace Community Church celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Produced by Barbara Haynes and Jeff Bourque, it captures the sound of corporate worship at Grace with songs that have been foundational to the congregational life at Grace since the church began.

Available on iTunes