Grace seeks to serve those living in Nashville. We look for strategic areas and partners in the city for the purpose of advancing the gospel, and we encourage our members to get involved in the ministry opportunities we have identified below.

Why Engage the Nations in Nashville?

Nashville’s population is ever changing. In fact many mission agencies say that America is fourth on the list with the most encroached people groups. This means that America contains many groups of people from all over the world who are less than two percent Christian. Many communities around our city are welcoming people from all over the world. Many of these people are new to America and new to the gospel. We want to walk alongside the nations that live among us, and be the church who shows hospitality to the outsider. Will you join us?

Organizations Who Help Us Engage the Nations:

Siloam Health
Mobilizing Students
International Leadership Center

Get Involved

Apply to serve as a Cross Cultural Apprentice (2 year internship)
Volunteer with one of the organizations that are Engaging the Nations in Nashville.

Why Serve Tusculum Elementary?

Many communities around our city are welcoming people from all over the world, including the area zoned for Tusculum Elementary School. We want to walk alongside the children, adults, and teachers who go to school, live, and work in the Tusculum area. The Bible calls us to be lights in the world and we feel this is a great place to shine the light of Christ.

Ways to Get Involved:

Reading Clinic Volunteers – Volunteers serve one hour a week helping Tusculum Elementary School students learn how to read. Training is provided.
Grade Team Volunteers – Volunteer teams will focus on serving the teachers at Tusculum Elementary School in practical ways.

Get Involved

Fill out a Volunteer Interest Profile to see where you can get involved at Tusculum Elementary School this year.

Why Serve Families in Crisis?

Throughout Nashville families are experiencing struggle, pain, and hardship. We have a desire at Grace to walk alongside organizations to bring hope to families like these. We want to help children who are in the foster system, families seeking to foster or adopt, or parents who need community so they can move forward as a family. We see the church being an intricate part in bringing hope to families in crisis both through the gospel and in by our example.

Organizations Who Help Us Serve Families in Crisis:

TN Baptist Children’s Home
TN Alliance for Kids

Get Involved

Volunteer with one of the organizations that are Serving Families in Crisis.

Other Ways to Serve Nashville

Begin Anew (formerly Christian Women’s Job Corp)
Begin Anew is a life-changing community offering Bible study and encouragement. They provide a faith-based adult educational program offering GED, English (ESL), and computer & job skills classes to empower individuals to overcome the obstacles caused by poverty.
Contact: Lauren Christians

Charis Ministries
Charis “Brings the Gospel in a Food Box” by providing food assistance to any caller in the Nashville area who needs help when an unexpected shortfall arises.
Contact: Chris Smeltzer

First Friends
First Friends facilitates cross-cultural exchange through friendship, connecting Vanderbilt University international students with Americans on and off campus.
Contact: Kay Eaves

Hope Clinic for Women
Hope Clinic for Women is a faith-based, safe and confidential place for anyone dealing with unplanned pregnancies, prevention, pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or abortion), and postpartum depression.
Contact: Alyssa Hasty

Nashville Rescue Mission
Nashville Rescue Mission seeks to help the hurting of Middle Tennessee by offering food, clothing, and shelter to the homeless, and recovery programs to those enslaved in life degrading problems.

Project Connect
Project Connect Nashville is a Christian charitable organization leading the vulnerable towards hope and intentional living through purposeful relationship and collaboration with the community, churches and other charitable organizations with the intent to interrupt the cycles of economic, cultural and spiritual poverty.
Contact: Alan Murdock