ClassAdult discipleship studies are a great place to study the Bible, grow in your faith, and get connected with those at Grace. Our hope is that these studies will also equip you to help others grow as disciples of Jesus. Discipleship studies are offered throughout the week for all ages and stages of life.

Sunday Discipleship Studies
February 5-May 7, 2017

Explore the Bible: Matthew, Part 2
Teachers: Chris Turner, Steve McKisic, and others (Room 254)
The Explore the Bible series focuses on studying the Bible book by book and applying it to our lives. This semester the class will study the second half of the gospel of Matthew.

Connections: Back to the Basics
Teachers: Taylor Combs and Rob Tims (Room 250)
Christians never outgrow the basics. We continue to recall the core truths of the gospel over and over again. The apostle Paul calls the church the “pillar and foundation of truth.” The church depends upon the truth for its existence, and the truth depends upon the church for its proclamation and defense. Through teaching and table group discussions, this class will review and apply the basic truths of our faith with a view toward our purpose as a church.

Fear in Scripture
Teachers: Danny Woods and Michael Kelley (Room 253)
What comes to mind when you think of fear? For many of us, it carries mostly negative connotations, and has no good place in the life of faith. Or does it? This class will guide you on a Biblical journey to discover freedom, courage, joy, and fire for your faith through fear. 

The Life & Prophecies of Jeremiah
Teachers: Matthew Ladisa and Russell Burt (Room 254)
This class will study the life and prophesies of Jeremiah, one of the greatest Old Testament prophets. He was known as the “Weeping Prophet” and is often quoted in the New Testament. His ministry took place during the darkest period in Judah’s history, and spanned over forty years and five kings. We will see how he had two propositions in mind: “First, everyone ought to give his life to Christ. Second, whether or not anyone gives Him his life, I will give Him mine.” (Jonathan Edwards)