What are Community Groups?
Community Groups meet in church members’ homes throughout the week. The groups are designed to foster mutual discipleship as we apply God’s word, pray with one another, care for one another, and take the gospel into our communities.

Once Registration for 2018-19 Community Groups is available, the groups will be listed below by location. KIC (Kids in Community) indicates that the group offers childcare. Registration is required to participate in a Community Group. Contact Justin Tucker if you have any questions.

When do groups meet?
– Weekly groups meet each week on a given day and time. Everyone in the group meets together, and those designated as “KIC” groups make arrangements for the care of the children in the group.
– Alternating groups meet in various ways. Men may meet one week and women meet the next week, with everyone gathering together periodically. Each group determines what meeting schedule will best serve their needs. When everyone gathers together, they make arrangements for the care of the children in the group.

What do groups study?
Each Community Group will either discuss the sermon text preached on Sunday or another Bible passage.

What if my current season of life makes it challenging for me to come to a group?
If there is anything that would keep you from participating in a Community Group, please let Justin Tucker know. We want to help anyone who has the desire to be in a group.